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Every now and then, some of us art goons will get together and have it out in an art fight over on the Something Awful forums. The fights usually take around a week, and consist of each user's drawn avatar beating the hell out of the other user's avatar. The whole thing is a lot of fun, and it's great to work with some of the forum's other talented artists. So far, I've done fights with Chickensuit, Beelzebub, and Dr. McNinja.

The latest fight is one I did with Dr. Mcninja, Chickensuit, and Donkeyslayer to help raise money for the annual SA Toys for Sick Kids charity event. It turned out really well.

The Chirugeon vs Beelzebub

The Chirugeon vs Chickensuit

The Chirugeon vs Dr. McNinja

Charity Art Battle

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