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Here are some links to pages that I have foud interesting. You should probably go to all of them at one point or another.

My friends' sites
A lot of my friends have sites of their own, which I guess I should point you to. - My other website, which I work on in conjunction with Greg, Jon, Mikey, and SBA from the SA forums, is a sports comedy website where we talk shit about football and I occasionally post comics. So give it a look-see.

Greg "" Chiasson's Blog - Greg's new blog (replacing, where he posts stupid shit about what color socks he wore today and how he's gay for Tom Brady.

Ray "Raditts" Crooks' Online portfolio - Ray's portfolio, where he flexes his flash and graphic design nuts.

Jake "Donkeyslayer" Hallstrom's Blog - Jake's ongoing blog, where he posts art that he does on a regular basis. The kid's lazy [by my standards, anyways], but he's got talent.

Doctor McNinja - My friend Chris's now infamous webcomic about a ninja who is also a doctor. - My friend Nic's website. He's a graphic designer, and a hell of a lot better with page design and stuff than I am. I usually defer to his judgment on design things I do.

Scott Wegener's Site - I met this guy at Baltimore Comic Con where he agreed to draw a guy fighting a shark for me. Good stuff.

Good Webcomics
There are popular webcomics, and then there are good webcomics. I read the good ones, and these are the best of those.

Achewood - Achewood is just ridiculously well-written. I can't say enough good things about it.

Copper - Copper is like a modern day Calvin and Hobbes. It's funny and the art is beautiful. I just wish it would update more often.

Dresden Codak - Science humor at its finest. The guy's panel layouts can be confusing at times, but his art is top notch.

Horribleville - I love the way this guy draws, and his comic is absolutely hillarious at times.

Perry Bible Fellowship - These are hillarious in a very wrong kind of way.

8-Bit Theatre - Not as funny as it used to be, but I still like it.

Return to Sender - Ok, so this one stopped updating. Still, everyone should read it because it was fantastic and you really end up wishing that it hadn't stopped.

Other Sites of Interest
Here are one or two other sites that I've been known to visit in my spare time.

Something Awful - It's no surprise that I'm an active member of the SA forums. It's just a wonderful community. - I visit these boards occasionally too. The level of talent there is amazing.

The UMBC GDC - I work with these guys on occasion. They're a good group of kids. They're gonna be doing big things this year.
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